This is what our students are saying about us....

"ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Laura Lynn - and I could not be happier! I found Laura Lynn thru some mutual friends while I was in San Francisco visiting. I am primarily a SKYPE client as I live over 2000+ miles away from San Francisco (crazy, huh? i know but she is THAT good).. I visit in person with her while I am in town, but I am here to tell you that her Skype sessions have been the perfect solution for me and my needs. I was looking for a trainer who was wholistic, intuitive, strong, focused, flexible, patient and obviously, very knowledgeable. I found that and more with Laura Lynn. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and is able to articulate the details of different techniques easily - which is critical (especially with Skype). She also shares the rationale behind the chosen techniques and is very attuned to your bodys reaction to your exercise routine. She incorporates lots of stretches into her routines as well - which I believe is critical and often skipped by other trainers. The Skype sessions are so easy and effective for me that my husband ( who was skeptical about training by skype) even decided to sign up with Laura Lynn. We never have to leave home and all we use (besides our bodies) are our kettle bells. It's so convenient, I exercise more regularly. The results over one year have been dramatic - although I do have to disclose that I am a very good client and I actually DO everything consistently that she outlines for me in my routine. My husband does "most" and he has still be able to achieve all his goals as well (although more slowly). What she does WORKS and it works over Skype as well as in person. I highly recommend Laura Lynn and SKYPE - you won't be disappointed."

~Cindy L


"I've been meaning to write a review for a while but never got a chance, so here it finally is! This is gonna be short though cause I have a lot to say. SHORT SUMMARY: - LauraLynn is an amazing trainer who is conscientious of your body, your limits, and your goals. - Really great workout to build both strength and flexibility while learning some cool aerial stuff. - YOU WILL LOOK AMAZING. I'm serious. - Small class size so lots of personal attention."

~Whitney L.


"LauraLynn is the baddest ass I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and her positive, empowering attitude is contagious. I took the Beginner Arial Fitness class, which consists of a ton of strength and conditioning work. Not only did I leave feeling stronger, more coordinated, and healthier... but I also learned a lot about what I had been doing wrong in the past, and developed a much more positive outlook about my body and fitness in general. As an ex-athlete, I have a hard time getting motivated to work out. I became so burnt out after being aggressively active for so long that it was no longer fun for me to run/swim/do traditional activities. This has led to me neglecting my body in many ways, and it's definitely catching up now. Working with LauraLynn jumpstarted my motivation to work on my body and change how I feel about myself. She is a truly gifted performer (Seriously, she's unreal) and a fabulous teacher. I left every single one of her classes feeling energized, excited and so sexy (which was something I hadn't felt in a while). She is incredibly intuitive and works with each member of the class on their personal weaknesses in a really caring way, and takes a sincere interest in each person's progress. I've never in my life had so much fun, wanted to push myself to improve and felt so supported in a "training" environment. I've started craving pushups and squats... and I've become much more consistent at doing them at home. She's seriously one-of-a-kind."

~Andi G.


"Lauralynn Featherpistol is the best! We have worked with her for years and the results are always phenomenal! An incredible personality to match her form, she is kind, gracious, and powerful!" 

~Jason M.


"I started going here to build up my core strength on the advice of my doctors to deal with some back issues I had and have been amazed at the results. Not only have I been able to relieve a lot of my back pain I had but I am under 15% body fat and also got my six pack back. "Lauralynn is a true professional and dedicated to her work and craft and has been one of my most favorite trainers. What I really enjoy is the way she mixes up the exercises so it does not get repetitive. As you advance, you can do more work on the trapeze, pole and silks which provides more incentive to push yourself. I have been going to her weekly for over 6 months now and I can't recommend her more highly."

~Darrell M.


"I went to my first class yesterday and it was great! Because the class was small, the workout was tailored to each individual's fitness level. I can't wait to go back next week, and I'm definitely going to incorporate some of the exercises into my regular routine."

~Shannon Y